Business Development Model



Starting with Vision discussion & analysis by finding answers for example: What is the desired position & Customer satisfaction level, what image to portray, what markets & clients to serve, what financial value to achieve, etc.


Then building strategies to achieve the vision for example: What is the mission, what are the strengths & how to capitalize on, what culture and values to adopt and how to compete and operate, what growth rate to achieve, etc.


What organization type, what people caliber & skills, what training is needed, what cost of people, what motives & incentives, etc.


What technology strategy, what infrastructure, what applications, what technology organization, outsourcing Vs in-house, what cost, etc.


What products & services centralized or decartelized, outsourcing Vs in-house, what delivery channels, what are the key business processes, how can they be optimized, how can they be customer focused, what policies and procedures to govern operations, etc.