Pay Per Click Management Services

Enhancing the rankings and traffic towards your website becomes a big question especially when you’re launching a new website or business online. One of the most effective techniques is Pay Per Click (PPC) which seems to be the most cost-efficient procedures as well. PPC campaigns include advertising your business through text-based ads on various pages of the search engines. These ads are clicked by the users and they end up on the landing page of your website. These marketers’ ads get sold in an auction; the highest bidder gets the highest and best spot on the search engine pages. If you look at the search results page of Google, you can see these ads on the right side of the page.

pay per click management services

Pay per click management services offered by Uncanny Touch

PPC campaigns are far more effective than the traditional SEO services like link building and backlinking. These clicks bring more customers and the targeted audience to your websites. We offer a complete suite of PPC services which includes:

  • Start a campaign within 5-10 minutes and get quality traffic immediately for both short- and long-term business plans and marketing campaigns.
  • We help you track conversions, meaning, the prospects that hit the website through the PPC campaign and registered on your website with contacts. This does not necessarily have to be a sale but it does give you a lead.
  • Research for the relevant keywords
  • Competitive Analysis to help you understand what others are doing better than you
  • Ad Networking on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook
  • Landing pages for keywords
  • Continuous monitoring and optimization according to the type of business model

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