Uncanny Touch is a socially responsible entity and that’s why we are best at what we do. High data security, fast customer support, amazing designs, high risk management, awesome employee loyalty, and good public image make us believe that we are fulfilling corporate social responsibility from all aspects.

This code is applicable to the Uncanny Touch management team which includes directors and investors, and employees which includes permanent, temporary and part-time employees.

We adhere to the following five principles:


Uncanny Touch accepts full responsibility of its work. Therefore, we approve software only if we believe that it is safe for the public, meets specifications, passes appropriate tests, improves quality of life, respects privacy, and saves the environment. In larger interest of society, Uncanny Touch refrains from accepting or promoting work pertaining to the domains of alcoholism, gambling, music, sex and adult themes, pedophile, dating, pornography and racism.

Uncanny Touch is fair and avoids deception in all statements, particularly public ones. We  take proper measures against anti-social activities and groups which might threaten public safety, and make sure that company’s contact with such groups remains strictly prohibited.


Uncanny Touch acts in a manner that is in the best interests of their clients and provides service in their areas of competence only. We do not use any software or tool that is obtained or retained either unethically or illegally .

Uncanny Touch uses the information of clients only in ways properly authorized, and with the clients’ consent and knowledge only.


Uncanny Touch strives for highest possible quality, reasonable cost, and strict deadlines. We ensure success with smart goals and achievable objectives for all the projects we are hired to work on. We always follow the most appropriate and simplest method for the projects.

Uncanny Touch makes sure proper documentation and realistic estimates of cost, time, manpower, and results. We always do enough testing, debugging, and review. The data we use is always derived by legal and ethical means.


Uncanny Touch ensures effective procedures and measures for quality assurance and risk reduction. We make sure that team is well equipped and up-to-date with all the industry standards. Before work starts, we make sure that team is aware with the clients’ requirements.

We offer on-job training to all the employees to maintain the quality of work, and offer fair and just remuneration. We always welcome ethical concerns raised by the employees about the projects we are hired  to work for. We expand the the knowledge of our team by by appropriate participation in professional training courses and certifications.


Uncanny Touch discloses the business operations and management related policies to its investors and shareholders. We make sure that the information shared is accurate, timely, appropriate, and up-to-date. We prohibit insider trading strictly and take serious actions to prevent it.


Uncanny Touch manages company’s assets and information with high security and strict regulations. We do not disclose or leak this information to any third party. We follow necessary security guidelines to make sure that information is not leaked, disclosed, or causes any damage to the stakeholders.

Uncanny Touch protects and maintains intellectual property rights with immense care. These intellectual property rights include patents, design rights, and trademarks. We respect the intellectual property rights of the third parties shared with us and prohibit illegal use to maintain the trust.


Uncanny Touch operates on legal grounds and fulfills all the registration criteria with the government and official authorities. We make our business legitimate by paying all the applicable taxes.