Django is an advanced Python web framework to promote rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Experts of Uncanny Touch are specialized in Design, UX, programming of CMS based websites, mobile applications, and management of brands. We prefer Django to reduce the complexity of database-driven websites. We can develop secure, fast and exceedingly scalable web pages because Django makes it easy to build better web apps more quickly without extensive code work.

The qualified team of Uncanny Touch generates admin panels on the database schema and table relations with the powerful framework of Django. The admin panels are designed with ACL (access control list) to add and modify groups, simple design, relation linking and database handling.

What makes Uncanny Touch Special?

Our qualified team can handle powerful python language to connect python code with C/C++ libraries without any apache modules. The specialty of our team is:

  • Linux/Web server configuration and SQL proficiency to set up Django project
  • Python 2.7+ / Django
  • MySQL
  • Expertise in GIT source control
  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Understanding of front-end workflows
  • Angular JS and Node JS
  • Clean Python writing to conform PEP8 standards

We are experienced in developing flexible and feature-rich web applications with Django framework. Interested in hiring us? Send your requirements to let our experts serve you in the best possible ways.