HTML5 Development Services

HTML5 has turned out to be a revolution among the latest design and development technologies by combining together HTML, CSS and Java Scripting. Staying ahead of the technology curve, Uncanny Touch has employed some of the industry’s experts in HTML5, while providing our clients with unparalleled web and mobile experiences. The beauty of HTML5 development is that the websites and mobile apps developed using this technology are cross-platform capable.


HTML5 Development Services


HTML5 Development: Technical Advantages & Services 

  • A large number of APIs and other technologies for web & mobile apps development supported by multiple browsers and platforms
  • Our developers are working with CSS3, HTML, jQuery, WebGL, XHTML, Web SQL, C/C++ and AJAX
  • Our HTML5 developers can create fantastic multimedia content, including graphics for games, movies, animations and 3D effect.
  • HTML5 has enabled our developers to create websites and applications with great performance and speed.
  • Same code used across multiple browsers, platforms, and devices
  • Advanced UI components
  • Fantastic Plug-ins
  • Geo-Location services in apps
  • Offline storage capability
  • Offline payment capability
  • Supports format for publishing e-books
  • Complicated Video File Handling

Type of HTML5 Projects We Work On

  • Social Media Apps
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Widgets
  • Games
  • Custom Apps
  • Business Websites