We provide Courses accredited by the British Academy and the American Council, Our courses at Uncanny Touch are specifically tailored to meet the diverse needs of healthcare professionals in the field of non-surgical aesthetic medicine. We understand that individuals may be at different stages of their careers, which is why we offer two distinct courses: the Basic Course for beginners and the Advanced Course for those seeking to expand their expertise.

Basic Course

Basic Course Content:

1. First Subject: Botox: 

  • Anatomy of the face and neck
  • Movement of the facial muscles
  • How to prepare Botox and its types
  • Treatment of forehead wrinkles with Botox
  • Treatment of wrinkles and lines between the eyebrows (111) with Botox

  • Treatment of wrinkles and lines formed near the eye (feet s’crow)

  • Treatment of lines and wrinkles appearing on the side of the nose

  • Treatment of lines and wrinkles formed around the jawline (smoked line)
  • Gummy smile treatment .
  • Treating neck wrinkles

2. Second Subject: Filler:

  • Treating wrinkles under the eyes with fillers
  • The method of increasing the size of the cheeks with fillers
  • Drawing cheeks with filler
  • Treatment of increasing the distance between the nose and the filler
  • Increase the volume of the lips with fillers
  • Drawing and turning the lips with filler
  • The way Texas works with fillers
  • Determine the jaw line and highlight it with filler
  • Getting rid of laughing lines next to the nose
  • The angle of the filer raised a sad smi

3. Third Subject: golden threads:

  • Treatment of facial wrinkles with threads
  • The way threads work
  • Defining the cheeks and contouring the face with golden threads
  • Explanation of surgical facelift and its differences
  • Fixing the lower jaw with threads, treatment of laughing lines
    with strings
  • Treating acne and its effects and facial pallor with threads
  • Types of threads and functions of each type
  • Cases where sutures are not used
  • Possible problems during threading and ways to solve them

4. Fourth Subject: mesotherap:

  • Types of mesotherapy
  • Hair mesotherapy
  • Face mesotherapy
  • Mesotherapy to break down fat and dissolve cellulite
  • The old methods of injecting mesotherap

5. Fifth Subject: PRP:

  • Draw blood
  • How to prepare the PRP
  • How to use the centrifuge separator
  • PRP injection methods
  • Plasma activation method and technical materials

Advanced Course

Advance Course Content:

1. First Subject: Botox: 

  • Elevation of Eye brows by toxin
  • The phenomenon of the Mephisto sign, how do we avoid it? And treat it?
  • Botox use in the middle and lower face
  • And the optimal dual use of Botox and Fillers in the areas
  • How to combine between toxins & fillers
  • Botox in the treatment of neck lines
  • Platysmal bands
  • Nefertiti Lift by Toxins
  • The use of Botox in the treatment of migraine headaches
  • Diagnosis, injection sites and required quantities
  • Toxins in Hyperhydrosis in Axilla & palm of hands

2. Second Subject: the filler:

  • Filler injection in the area around the eye using a cannula
  • Deep & Superficial Fat Components filler injection
  • Nose Job correction by filler
  • Shapes of Face & Make Over
  • What are the CODES MD and the difference between them and DYNA codes in Technique
  • What are CODES MD and the difference between them and DYNA codes in Injectable fillers technology?
  • Chin Augmentation ( enlong & round)
  • Adjustment of the chin (elongation and rotation)
  • What’s new in Russian lip fillers?

3. Third Subject: enhancers and stimulants for the growth of skin tissue

  • Injection methods and refrigerant techniques
    JALUPRO of different types
  • Neofound
  • Profhilo
  • Radiesse
  • Restylane
  • Pink Shooters
  • for growth stimuli
  • practical? Repetition? Best places to inject? injection method
    optimal? And the experience?

4. Fourth Subject: Threads Face Lifting:

  • COG PDO  suture technique in cat eye brow lift
    And the fox’s eye
  • Double sutures and their uses in lifting
    Cheeks and tighten the chinn double area
  • And also define the jaw define the jaw line

5. Fifth Subject: chemical peeling:

  • Cold Peeling and Jessner Peeling and their uses in the treatment of pigmentation
  • and Acne Active
  • The importance of TCA in the treatment of post-acne scars Post Acne concerns

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